Useful junk car removal tips


Getting rid of an old vehicle that you no longer use, and is just occupying space is not as easy as you might have thought. If you have made the decision that it the time has come for you to say goodbye to your old car, you will need to handle a few important steps. If this is the first time you are dealing with a junk car removal in Newcastle, you might stumble upon a few difficulties, and learning a few tips on the subject will probably come in handy. The following guidelines can make the entire process of getting rid of your car much easier, so if the topic has caught your interest, keep reading:

Do your homework  

The first thing you should do is research the topic carefully, and understand what a junk removal implies. While sometimes, the vehicle can be saved, and you might receive a financial compensation for your car, other times, the only advantage you will benefit from is having the junk car picked up and out of your way, free of charge. Understanding what this process implies, and what a junk removal company can and cannot do for you will be necessary, so if you have the possibility, talk to someone who has collaborated with a service provider of this kind in the past.


In some situations, even if the vehicle might no longer be usable, you can still receive a small amount of money for it. In order for you to actually get something in return for your junk car, you will need to know its value. Sometimes, salvaging the car might be possible, so if the repairs do not exceed the amount of money you might get for the car if you sell it, you can go with this option. Also, selling its parts might also be a good idea, But if a wide range of expensive repairs are required it is best to just resort to a car removal service provider and avoid the hassle.

Choosing the right car removal service provider – what to look for

  • Experience

In order to benefit from a high level of service quality, and for the removal process to be as fast and inconvenience-free as possible, make sure to collaborate with a provider who is experienced in this domain, Before contacting a company or another, take some time to find out more about its  industry longevity. For how long have they been on the market? Experience can make a big difference, so try to not overlook the importance of this aspect. Although there might be plenty of car removal shops in your area, not all of them are equally reliable, and if you want to get rid of the junk car as quickly as possible, an experienced company is the one that can meet your needs. If you are not able to find information regarding the provider’s longevity by researching on the internet, you can ask them directly through customer service.

  • Great customer service

Although this may not be your firth thought, the customer service of this type of company does matter. Perhaps you are in need of extra information regarding the provider’s removal support, so resorting to a friendly and responsive staff will probably be something you desire. Just by contacting customer service and seeing how they interact with potential clients will give you the opportunity to form an opinion about the company. Use the contact details you find on the removal shop’s website, and see if they put in the effort necessary to establish a positive relationship with their clients.

  • Professionalism

You probably desire for your property to be delivered to the junk yard without dealing with any kind or problems, this mean hiring specialists who do their job in a professional and prompt manner. Professionalism is one of the most important selection criteria to have in mind, when you are trying to decide on the right junk removal company, so think of ways you can figure out this particular aspect before deciding to hire their services.

  • Customer testimonials

If you want to be 100 percent certain that you are resorting to the right company, a simple yet efficient solution would be to look or some customer testimonials. See if you can find any feedback from the company’s previous clients, and see what they have to say about the removal process. This way, you can learn if the removal shop actually values customer satisfaction, and handles every detail necessary in order for all their clients to benefit from a great service quality. Usually, you can find reviews of this kind on various forums, so take a few minutes to search for testimonials and thus make a reliable choice.

Complete paperwork

Once you have found yourself a removal company, the next and final step is completing paperwork. Even if the vehicle is destined for scrap heap, the removal process still implies a standard selling process, which means you will need to sign a contract and provide he necessary paperwork. Make sure you have the title of the car, as well as the registration. Also, you should review the reverse side of the title, to look for any relevant information regarding the Damage Disclosure Statement. You might face the need of filling in various forms, so you should be prepared in advance, and know exactly what documents are required, and thus prevent having any delays.

If you have an old car occupying space in your garage, and you want to get rid of it, and thus make room for your new car, knowing a few removal tips will probably come in handy. Now that you have learned what a junk removal implies and how to find a service provide that will meet your needs, you can take the steps necessary to get rid of your unusable car.