Vacation like a celebrity with these tips – skiing edition

So you have decided that it’s time to plan your next ski trip, but you were thinking about living a more unique experience this time, and actually enjoy yourself to the fullest from start to finish. If you are a celebrity follower, you probably know by now that they love to hit the slopes, and they’re probably good at it too. From Sandra Bullock and John Travolta to Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, it seems like anyone who is someone at Hollywood knows how to plan a winter vacation. This year around, you can have your own celebrity-inspired skiing trip by getting a few insights on the topic. Here’s how you can vacation like a Hollywood star:

Be prepared to spend a bit more

Although you might not afford all the luxuries a celebrity would, if you want to enjoy a glass a champagne after a long day on the ski piste, or a few other treats throughout your stay at the resort, be prepared to spend a bit more. A skiing trip that is done by the book requires a reasonable budget. Spending a bit more on a full skiing experience will prove to be worth it, so before you buy your plane tickets and start packing, make sure you have saved enough money to indulge yourself in some enjoyable activities at your chosen ski destination.

Choose the right spot!

Selecting a destination is the key to having the best type of skiing trip. A location that allows you to put your skills to practice, and provides you with the best skiing conditions is something that you should be looking for. Although there are plenty of amazing places around the world, that facilitate the pursuit of this type of winter sport, one of the countries that is known to excel in this department is Switzerland. It seems like more and more passionate skiers, celebrities include, have directed their attention towards Zermatt. Why Zermatt? Well, first of all, it was voted the best Swiss resort and it still holds this tile up to this day. With more than 230 km of slopes, with both groomed runs for more precaution skiers as well as off-piste if you are in for a bit of adrenaline rush, regardless of your level, skiing will be great. You don’t have to wait in long ques to get your turn on the lift, and the scenery is somewhere out of a fairytale. Because you are in fact looking to create a celebrity skiing vacation, you will also not be disappointed in the amazing food served at the resorts’ restaurants and the overall atmosphere is known for being charming and entertaining. While the accommodation found there will provide you with the luxury you need to feel like a Hollywood star, you might come across some appealing offers in term of price. So, it seems like this destination has it all – skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland might be the best vacation you have had. Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, even Robbie Williams have chosen this location for many of their skiing adventures – it means this Swiss resort does in fact have a few great things to offer.

Check the accommodation carefully before booking a room

The accommodation you will be staying at needs to provide you with all the comfort you need, in order for your overall holiday to be as excellent as pictured. Because when you are browsing online for offers you might easily get your attention drawn by photographs that don’t exactly portray the actual service quality and room comfort of the building, make sure to research the topic for a bit in advance. Check reviews left by other tourists, and see if the majority has been satisfied with what that said accommodation had to offer them. Whether you want a room with a jacuzzi, a great view, or there are other amenities you are seeking, inform yourself properly first. And if you truly want to say you have vacationed like a star, you can look for hotels or chalets where actual celebrities have stayed at. If you choose Zermatt, you will certainly find plenty of options, just look into the subject online. And who knows, if you are lucky, you might find Jools Holland playing the piano at the hotel bar.

Make nightlife a part of the experience

Don’t just go out skiing and right back to your hotel room, incorporate a few nights of music, drinks and dancing as well to make the trip far more exciting. Some ski resorts do offer some amazing options in terms of nightlife fun, so check your options in this department, and combine a relaxing, sports savvy excursion with one of entertainment. There’s nothing more enjoyable than drinking a glass of fine wine and listening to some jazz after a long day on the piste.

Dress like a celebrity to vacation like one

You won’t see some famous on the slopes wearing an improper attire, so you should focus on this particular aspect yourself. While you can also think about being fashionable while skiing, choosing ski clothing properly will also influence how comfortable you feel during your adventures on the ski piste. When you are shopping for the right elements, make sure to follow some guidelines on the topic, and you can easily combine fashion with function. And don’t forget to get some other skiing essentials, such as goggles – not being equipped by the book will only stay in the way of your fun.

You don’t need a celebrity’s budget to actually vacation like one, if you know a few useful tips on the topic. If you love to ski and you want this winter’s holiday to be a memorable one, full of luxury, fun and relaxation, you have everything you need in this article to actually pull it off. By choosing the right destination, you will manage to make your next ski trip one that could easily look like your favorite star’s vacation. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy a complete celebrity holiday experience.