Want to Decorate Your Home Like an SPA? Here Are Some Tips You Might Love


We all have different living standards and most certainly, we all want our homes to look in a particular way. Maybe one of the hottest trends in terms of interior design that have emerged lately in the industry is the SPA-like home. By boosting the relaxation and wellness factor, homeowners aim to acquire that special feeling and treat themselves daily with a special at-home treatment. Below are some fantastic tips that will help you get that spa-like vibe in your home, and you don’t even have to spend big amounts of money on those.

Integrate aromatherapy elements

Aromatherapy is a great factor that comes in discussion in terms of spas. Our brains are highly receptive to smell and it can contribute to boosting the relaxation incredibly. Smell is the only human sense in a direct connection with our brain’s limbic system, the centre where our memories are stored. This makes it possible for us to relax completely, in the presence of the right scents. In a tight relationship with regulating the blood pressure, smell is one of those senses you have to stimulate if you want to balance your mind and body. Combine various essential oils, for the best results. A mix of chamomile and lavender will help decrease the stress levels and regulate the heart rate. Eucalyptus has anti-inflammatory properties, and jasmine, and ylang-ylang will give you a general well-being feeling. Simply invest in some essential oils at your preference and add those to your bathtub.

Sounds do matter

When discussing spa establishments, we all know that for that relaxing feeling, the managers of those places pay an increased attention to creating the right sounds and noises. Have you wondered why you will always find at SPAs a fountain or a small cascade? Well, it’s because of the acoustic effect created by the sound of dripping water. Instead of installing a small cascade, you can simply pick some music and create your own playlist. Make sure to choose relaxation and meditation songs, without lyrics. Those will let your mind unwind and help you relax at a deeper level. Alternatively, use apps such as Spotify or SoundCloud to create your own playlists and listen to those whenever you feel the need to relax or meditate.

Turn your pool into an SPA-like oasis

Your poolside is amazing to install some lounge chairs and maybe a hammock, if you want to take it to the next level, even a massage table. You could also consider the advice of the experts at 1stdirectpools.com and give the pool itself some “pampering” treatments as well. This will only contribute to keeping it tidy and perfectly functioning. A bad chloride balance in your pool will not only make you feel sick, but also cause a variety of skin issues. If you’re going to have an at-home spa, better prepare everything accordingly. You could install a pool-side shower and create a changing room outside your home, to separate the two areas.

Bring nature indoors

You may have noticed that some of the most luxurious spas have plenty of greenery indoors. This usually happens due to the calming effect that these have, at least from a visual point of view. More than this, living plants will help you keep the air fresh and clean, by eliminating the allergens and impurities that may be around. Some plants such as Water Lily will certainly help you purify the air in a fast and effective fashion. Also, don’t limit your actions to bringing some greenery indoors. Integrate leafy patterns of floral patterns in a variety of elements you may have around, from wallpapers to towels and other elements.

Pay attention to lighting

Indoor mood lighting matters more than you’d expect when it comes to replicating the mood and atmosphere in an SPA. Mood lighting will help you create a relaxing and comfortable environment. Dim those for a proper papering treatment, while you hand in your bathtub with all the scents catching you. Avoid fluorescent, hash lights as these will certainly kill the “mood” and agitate you.

Treat yourself to some fluffy bathrobes and towels

We love spas because of all the little extras: extra fluffy towels, extra fluffy bathrobes and so on. Choose white ones, to boost the mood and the spa-like atmosphere. This will help you feel special and pampered, while maintaining the confines and relaxation at the maximum.

Treat yourself to some at-home DIY Spa treatments

There is nothing better than a face treatment in the comfort of your own home. Choose some bio oils, and oil cleanse your face with those. Such treatments are highly popular in spa centres. But more than this, if you choose your oils carefully, your face will look and feel amazing at the end of the day. Hemp seed oil, macadamia oil and argon oil are some of those that will make an immense difference. You could also try a sheet mask. Asian beauty brands such as Tony Molly make amazing sheet masks that you need to try for a full spa-like experience. This is hydration at its best and an spa-like treatment that you certainly deserve at the end of a tiring day. While these may be on the more expensive side of products that you can try, you also have the alternative of a DIY mud mask. Clay masks have great healing properties for the blemish-prone skin. Give those a try as well.  

These are some simple guidelines that will help you create the best at-home spa. Follow those and keep in mind that everything is about creating the right atmosphere. Scents and music matter as well, but so do some extras. A poolside massage table, a sheet mask and some dimming lights will make an immense difference. Greenery and fluffy bathrobes as well as towels should also be present in your own “retreat” so invest in some of those as well. Relaxation is possible at home, without spending immense amounts of money, if you follow the guidelines above.