Ways to prevent mold forming

Mold is one of the most common problems with housing people have. Often, no matter how careful we are with cleaning around the house and protecting the walls from humidity and other factors that clearly damage the interior of our homes, mold makes its way into our lives and puts our health in danger. The entire ambiance of a home will be affected if mold suddenly appears. But the question is: is there a way to prevent mold from forming inside our houses?

The answer is simple – yes. There are a few methods to get rid of these spore fungi. They can be seen as green-grey spots on the walls, especially in bathrooms or other high-humidity areas of your home. Mold can also appear from left-over aliments that have been forgotten in the kitchen and it will spread away instantly. In order for mold to grow and spread around, humidity is highly required. Of course, in order to get rid of the unwanted guest or prevent its arrival to your house is keeping humidity away. Here are a few tips on how to keep moldy situations under control:

Is your house safe?

First things first, check if the air in your house is safe. If you live in this area, try contacting mold inspection Toronto which will give you information about what to do next. After you are completely sure about the air situation in your house, you can start taking measurements. In case you are lucky and the air you are breathing is not infested with anything yet, then all you have to do is prevent unwanted events. Keep reading and you will know how to do exactly that.

How to get rid of humidity

Humidity is now your worst enemy and you need to understand how to prevent its apparition in your home and to destroy its traces considering it already made its entrance. There are a few things you might want to know about humidity that are related strictly to the way you live and use things around your house. The most vulnerable area for mold to start forming is the bathroom. Reducing humidity is not that difficult if you spend a little of your time to solve these minor issues:

  • Ventilate at all times – in the kitchen and the bathroom it’s impossible to avoid humidity completely; although, ventilating at all times will reduce the humidity and therefore will prevent the apparition of mold; keeping the air ventilated with the help of vent fans or other devices installed by a professional service provider will help you with your problems in these areas; you’ll no longer have to worry about taking a steamy hot shower or preparing that dish you desire; ventilation is the key and a small investment for a big impact will surely be worth it later – don’t hesitate installing a vent system
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature – big differences between indoors and outdoors temperatures will lead to condense which will eventually result in humidity and finally in mold; try not keeping the differences between these two at an extreme point; it is explainable why humidity is high in your house if during summertime or winter time the differences between the temperatures are extremely accentuated; take more measurement in this case and become mindful of the situation; it’s not something you can entirely avoid but you can take action towards it for sure
  • Dehumidifiers – contact a specialist or hire someone to take care of this aspect for you; a dehumidifier is going to absorb the humidity in your house keeping it at reasonable levels; there are many types of dehumidifiers (desiccant, mechanical etc.) where you can choose from and this is why it’s recommended not to do this decision by your own
  • Insulation – this is another factor that highly affect humidity in a house; the way a house was insulated will reflect in the level of temperature in different seasons and the humidity that forms over time; crawl spaces should be insulated with barriers made from plastic vapor in order to avoid humidity and mold forming; also, using a vapor retarder will help reducing the moisture in a certain area

Fresh air

Keeping the air fresh and recirculated at all times mean no extra humidity in your home. Cracking a door or a window open every now and then will help with drying the moisturized air in your house rooms. Also, think about the health benefits of this action. Sitting in the same environment without fresh air will lead to headaches and an overall unpleasant state of being. Letting fresh air in will have benefits you didn’t even know you can obtain with such a little effort.

Clothing and other textiles

Try drying your clothing or other dump textiles in another place than your house. Drying them outside could make a huge difference in the levels of humidity of your home. You may wonder why and the answer is pertinent: they release humidity in the air. Venting clothes dryers should be done outside. Keeping anything that might release moisture in mine will result in mold-forming when you least expect it. The same thing happens in the kitchen when cooking is made without the use of a kitchen hood, a vent or coverings for each and every cooking utensil you may use.

DIY anti-mold solution 

In case mold already formed and you have no idea what to do next, you shouldn’t be worried. There are plenty of options you can try for Do It Yourself with home ingredients solutions that promise mold will be gone within seconds. Here’s an example:

  • Vinegar combined with tea tree essential oil (using white vinegar along with the tree oil and water and placing the mixture into a spray bottle will get you rid of mold rapidly) – simply spray on the affected area and let sit for a while; don’t try to wipe the mixture away and let it dry completely; avoid using it on porous surfaces (clothing, mattresses etc.)